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Capoeira is a unique art that combines...

martial arts, acrobatics and dance-like movements to the beat of traditional Brazilian instruments. Our schools offer programs for kids, youth and adults in a fun, family oriented atmosphere that promotes health and fitness for life.


General Information: 832-303-0319
Mestre Demétrius: 832-359-2969 (Port)
Catrina (Minhoca): 832-303-1773 (Eng/Port)

Capoeira Camp Out

Capoeira Camp Out

Join us for our very first Capoeira Camp Out in Houston!  We will have all our student instructors showcase a weekend of classes (short and sweet for each one:  just 30 min!) in an outdoor camp setting.  We will be camping overnight on Friday, with a ton of activities and leaving by Saturday night. 

We have rented 5 screened shelters (6 people each), so reserve your spot ASAP!  If not, there is also plenty of space for you to set up your tent with us.  Let's make it a great weekend out!

Download the Camp Packet Here Complete Information

Capoeira Camp Out Fee on Square Market

Roda de Rua: Campo Novo do Parecis (Brazil)

Nossa Park Cultural (Lucas do Rio Verde, Brazil)

Capoeira in the Schools: Cuiabá

Event: Santa Catarina, Brazil

Social Project: Nossa Roda (Cácares, Brazil)

Laredo: 3rd Annual Batizado & Troca de Corda


Read more: Laredo: 3rd Annual Batizado & Troca de Corda

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