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Capoeira is a unique art that combines...

martial arts, acrobatics and dance-like movements to the beat of traditional Brazilian instruments. Our schools offer programs for kids, youth and adults in a fun, family oriented atmosphere that promotes health and fitness for life.


General Information: 832-303-0319
Mestre Demétrius: 832-359-2969 (Port)
Catrina (Minhoca): 832-303-1773 (Eng/Port)

Classes in Sinop, Brazil

Classes Begin in Tangara da Serra

Brazil Celebrates Its Day of Independence

Aruandê Sinop in Action...

Nova Mutum in the Newspaper

Harakati Zumbi 2014 (Formatura do Mestre Bicudo)

Capoeira Camp Out

Capoeira Camp Out

Join us for our very first Capoeira Camp Out in Houston!  We will have all our student instructors showcase a weekend of classes (short and sweet for each one:  just 30 min!) in an outdoor camp setting.  We will be camping overnight on Friday, with a ton of activities and leaving by Saturday night. 

We have rented 5 screened shelters (6 people each), so reserve your spot ASAP!  If not, there is also plenty of space for you to set up your tent with us.  Let's make it a great weekend out!

Download the Camp Packet Here Complete Information

Capoeira Camp Out Fee on Square Market

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