Cord System

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The Initiation

The 1st phase of learning for the student, inclusion in the group.


The Beginning

The student enters into capoeira to know a new form of thinking.


The Awakening

The student starts to see that Capoeira has its' mysteries.


The Understanding

The student starts to learn and comprehend the fundamentals and rituals of Capoeira.


The Path

The student understanding the need for its development, begins his journey within Capoeira.


The Journey

The student begins to have more responsibilites inside Capoeira. Ex: organization, travelling.

Aluno Transformação


The student, already advanced, has his obligations within the group and prepares to reach the end of his journey as a student.


The Intermediate

The student in preparation to turn
Graduado, is in search of comprehension and the mysteries of Capoeira.

Aluno Advançado

The Search

The student is becoming a Graduado and from this cord, the student begins working with Capoeira under the supervision of a Mestre.


The Understanding

Now a Graduado with his own roots, he continues in search of knowledge to enhance his learning.


The Assertion

The graduated student passes on to monitor his students, in search of the mysteries of Capoeira that are each time more visible, the knowledge changing in each phase of his life.


The Knowledge

After learning as a student, he begins to understand, value, and redeem the values of the game of Capoeira.

Professor Transformação

The Independence

He now enters the stage of professionalism, teachinggraduates the knowledge they've gained on journey until now.


The Conscience

The Professor passes his knowledge to his oldest students, concentrating on the journey Capoeira is to bring.


The Recognition

After a long journey, one has their work recognized within the Capoeira community.

Mestre 1º Grau

The Wisdom

Within this phrase, "Mestre"shows all the conscience, experience of a dedicated life and the giving of ideas to students.

Mestre 2º Grau

The Authority

The "Mestre" enters the second phase, continuing to pass his knowledge and experiences while supervising the branches.

Grão Mestre

The Victory

After decades revolving around Capoeira, the Mestre receives the maximum graduation available withing Centro Cultural Aruandê Capoeira.

The Meaning of Each Color

Meaning: Youth

Meaning: Curiosity

Green is the jungle being explored.

The color yellow comes from gold already cut and found in virgin lands yet to be explored.

Meaning: Creativity

Meaning: Loyalty

Orange is the color of gold still uncut. The color blue comes from the sea, in all its immensity receiving water from all tributaries.

Meaning: Independence

Meaning: Fertility

The color purple is that of the IPÊ tree, found in the middle of the forest and distinguised for having purple as its predominant color. The color brown is that of the Mother Earth.

Meaning: Power

Meaning: Purity

Red is the color of the blood spilled by the slaves. The color white is the filter for all the colors that represent Centro Cultural Aruandê Capoeira.

Meaning: Stability

Grey is the color of a forest burned to be reborn again.  


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1:48-- minhoca: nope, but keep an eye out, hopefully they'll be something even better released ;)
3:50-- Visita_1872: como eu faço para entrar em contato para treinar , moro na zona leste !!!
15:49-- minhoca: em qual cidade?
5:19-- minhoca: fala gente! quem ta ai?
17:57-- minhoca: Visita_1860: me manda seu email e te passo informaçoes para malha em MT
18:55-- Guest_8027: Ciao Minhoca, it's Bela. I'm wondering if we have tentative dates for our batizado y troca de corda yet? I need to plan ahead to be there! You can always email me at Or, shoot me a message on FB!! Thank you. :D
20:19-- minhoca: hey bela! nice to see you (well virtually...)! Our Houston event is planned for MLK weekend, January 17-19th.
20:19-- minhoca: hope you can make it out!
23:50-- Guest_4116: Awesome! I'll start planning ASAP. Hope I can make the flight out!!
23:44-- Visita_2825: Fiquei sabendo que existe o grupo Aruandê em cáceres, quem dá aulas? Eu não encontrei a cidade no site!
0:11-- minhoca: os alunos da caceres precisam entrar conto com professor deles, igor, para informacoes de uniformes e todo de aruande - ele tem contato com o mestre na area que rapidinho te ajuda
0:13-- minhoca: tambem podem pedir a professor deles tambem mandar um email pra mestrando bicudo ou eu ( com informacoes da aula pra todo mundo achar aqui
10:44-- aruande: borracha 9283-7414
22:18-- Guest_3600: I have a question how can I enroll my dougther? Who do I call? :)
23:51-- minhoca: we start classes up in Houston this monday! are you in our area? you can call and leave a message at: 832.303.1773 and we'll return your call asap
1:15-- Visita_1193: :D
20:43-- Guest_3550: :) Vida was here! Axe!
17:11-- minhoca: thanks for passing by, vida!
15:24-- Guest_3062: :) :( ;) : :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)
2:51-- Guest_5648: Hello! I've tried looking for the group at FunPlex but nobody seems to know what I'm talking about. Do you all still meet there?
16:29-- minhoca: Yes! We were just there last night for workshops. Our regular class is Tuesday and Thursday 7pm. We are upstairs, above the bowling alley in a group workout room.
15:30-- Guest_8991: Axe from Caxixi :) :P
2:53-- Morcego: Axe Guys!! Super pumped after this past weekend!!! Can't wait till class Tuesday!!!! :D
21:37-- Caxixi: Yes great weekend indeed :)
21:38-- Caxixi: Class was great on Tuesday!!!!!:)
17:04-- Guest_8568: óla!
16:03-- Caxixi: Great Energy in class yesterda :)
20:13-- Visita_3943: :P :P :O :P :) :-* :-* (?) (!) (!) :_( O.O :S :| :O
17:11-- minhoca: getting ready for class, see you guys there!
19:23-- Violao: Bom dia mia gente! Um grande abraco pra tudos a capoeira do Aruande. Axe
3:28-- Visita_2362: sua aluna vitoria fauto a aula hj
3:29-- Visita_2362: :D (?)
3:46-- giutembergui: boa noite mestre
18:11-- Visita_4472: salve!!!!!! Não tem endereço do evento de amanhã!!!! Alguém pode passar!?
18:12-- Visita_4472: Tia _ Familia ginga e raça! :D
18:14-- Iracema Ginga e Raç: Alguem pode me passar o endereço do evento de amanhã? O do centro cultural!!!! Aguardo resposta!


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)