Mestre Armandinho

São Paulo, SP Brazil

Mestre ArmadinhoArmando Nunes do Nascimento, known in the Capoeira world as Armandinho, was born May 4, 1973 in the city of Pindobaçú/Bahia. His first contact with Capoeira was in 1987 at Associação de Capoeira Sereia do Mar (Mestre Lourival).

In 1989, he moved to São Paulo with much enthusiasm and dedication to continue his training. In 1994, he graduated as a formado with Associação de Capoeira Netos de Amaralina under the direction of Mestre Chimbica.

Currently, he is involved with social projects using the basic principles, fundamentals, rituals and traditions that are already sacred in Capoeira and used as valuable resources for sharing culture and sports in the gyms and schools of São Paulo.

Since January 2009, he has worn the Mestrando cord of capoeira for Aruandê São Paulo under the coordination of Mestrando Giltemberg and the general supervision of Mestre Demétrius and it was by Mestre Demétrius that he was granted the cord of Mestre in 2011.