Mestre Zizo

São Paulo, SP Brazil

João Carlos Espirito Santo was born June 24, 1969 in São Paulo - Capital. He began  Capoeira in June 1981 with Mestre Baianinho and the Association of Capoeira Ilha do Abaeté.

In 1991, after graduating as a Professor of Capoeira, he founded the Grupo of Capoeira Meninos de Aruando and organized many diverse events to benefit the growth of his group.

In 1998, he graduated to Contra-Mestre of Capoeira through a Capoeira society and friends honoring the deceased Mestre Baianinho.

After years of work, he felt it was necessary to develop and organize in a different area than the western region and he decided to join CapuraGinga in December 2004, under the direction of Mestrando Giltemberg.  Finally, in 2011, he, Mestrando Giltemberg and Mestrando Armadinho, were graduated to the rank of Mestre by President and Founder of Aruandê Capoeira, Mestre Demétrius.

Mestrando Zizo holds classes in Tiradentes, west of São Paulo. In addition, he is an officer and coordinator of Afro-Mix in the west and an art educator for socio-financial projects thru the city office of São Paulo.