Mestre Giltemberg

São Paulo, SP Brazil

Giltemberg Jesus de Oliveira was born March 25, 1972 in São Paulo - Capital. He first introduction to capoeira was in 1982 where he began learning behind the school where he studied.

In 1984, he enrolled in the academy Axé do Berimbau under Mestre Gerson and remained in the group for 18 years, staying until December of 2002.

In February 2003, he became affiliated with CapuraGinga in São Pualo under Mestre Bigodhino.

However, in February 2004, as Mestre Bigodhino seperated from the group, he passed on the responsibility of Capuraginga São Paulo to Professor Giltemberg.

Working with much dedication and effort, he organized the 3ird International Meeting of CapuraGinga Capoeira in São Paulo, held October 22nd and 23rd, 2004. In a moment special he received from Mestre Loka (USA) his graduation to Mestrando of CapuraGinga.  In 2011, he was graduated to the rank of Mestre by the President and Founder of Aruandê Capoeira, Mestre Demétrius.

Currently, he is he helps coordinate Aruandê Capoeira all over the entire state of São Paulo, supervising the work of all the estagiários, graduados, monitors and professors in this large capital. Even more, he prepares documents of art education for the City Hall of São Paulo and the deparment of social development.