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My name is Wendel, I'm 31 years old, better known as Professor Borracha within Capoeira in Cuiabá and other cities. I saw Capoeira in 1993 in the neighborhood of Tijucal in Cuiabá with a teacher who taught in "Clube de Mães". Every Saturday, I went there to watch Capoeira. Since it was the first time I saw Capoeira, I was delighted with the speed of the punches and somersaults.

After two years of watching from the window, I started training with Clube de Mães with the Contra-Mestre Demetrius, his group was called ACANG (Capoeira Academy New Generation), and they were responsible for all the students, their weekly training sessions and the Saturday visits for roda. All the students respected him greatly, I'm proof of that. From then on, it was easy because I new everyone. I used to accompany Mestre at the SESC Festivals which by the way, he won every time. So, I began to to dedicate my days and nights to this art.

In 1997, Mestre held his first international event, titled "The Meeting of Brazil x Israel, which shook up all of Cuiabá at time, and until this day we still speak of this event, which even had a roper Samba show with Pagodea at the end.

In 1999, already four years in Capoeira, I had the opportunity to compete in the National Championship in Goiania. Which, after much training, I was able to use my skills to get first place in my category, to the delight of everyone, and also removing the doubt of many who thought I just did flips and flourishes. The championship was won on technique. This victory was also thanks to the Mestre who allowed me to participate in this championship, sponsoring my trip to Goiania .

The following year (2000), I had the opportunity to participate in various events in Israel, then as CapuraGinga, where I represented Mestre Demetrius in those Batizados. It was 15 days of pure Capoeira, I'll never forget. That same year, Mestre gave me my first opportunity to start working with Capoeira. I started teaching a project in the City of Cuiabá which served underprivileged children and adolescents. I remained there until the year 2012.

In 2002, we were attending an event in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, and after the event, I was chosen to give instruction in the state of Espírito Santo to 22 Americans for a week.

In 2003, I was fortunate enough to become a Graduado. Mestre Demetrius gave me this cord at a mega-event in Cuiabá with presence of several Mestres and guests.

In 2004, with the departure of Mestre Demetrius to the United States, I started to take over the Tijucal Community Center, where I continued to carry my name in my work of Capoeira according to what I learned from Mestre. Through that, I got to plant my namein social work and have always been asked to participate in social projects with Capoeira.

Through Capoeira, I have traveled across Mato Grosso and several Brazilian states like São Paulo, Rondônia, Goiás, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará and also another country already that I've already mentioned, Israel.

In 2007 , with the founding of the Centro Cultural Capoeira Aruandê, I continued with the Mestre Demetrius, and in 2009, I had the great achievement of beocming a Professor of Capoeira. I had the honor of that cord to be delivered by Mestre Demetrius, himself.

Following Mestre Demetrius for almost 20 years, I saw and experienced many moments, many rodas, and know well my path and its' value. Today I can count on a Monitor (Churros) and four Graduate students (Chiquinho, Andreas, Nicholas and Xuxa) and several students, who continue to spread the roots in the city of Cuiabá.

With my work in Capoeira, I followed a path to the college, with a major Physical Education. Today, I am a teacher of Physical Education and Professor of Capoeira, combining business with pleasure.

Professional Experience

Social Projects

Program Peti Xane Project, Project Applause, Project Socio -educational, Open School (active), the Family School.

Private work

Community Centre Tijucal neighborhood, neighborhood Itapajé, Academy of Bodybuilding R2, Corpus Academy, Junior College Mestre (active), School Father Firmus (active).

My experience in Capoeira workshops is difficult to cite, because as Mestre is one of the most renowned people in Capoeira came to Cuiabá and we could courses among figures such as Angoleiro disciple of Mestre Paulo dos Anjos Mestre Renê, Mestre King, Mestre Burguês, Mestre Jaguara, Mestre Bigodinho, Mestre Barrão, Dedé, Klaity, among others who have graced the State of Mato Grosso through Mestre Demetrius and international encounters.

Axé to the Family of Aruandê Capoeira!