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1st Cultural Aruandê Workshop

1st Cultural Aruandê WorkshopAruandê Capoeira São Paulo presents their 1st Cultural Aruandê Workshop. Organizing the event will be Mestrando Zizo under the supervision of Mestrando Giltemberg. It'll take place on November 22nd, with workshops in Capoeira as well as various cultural dance workshops.

1° Oficina Cultural Aruandê

1st Cultural Aruandê WorkshopAruandê Capoeira São Paulo apresenta seus primeiro workshop de Cultural Aruandê. Organizar o evento será Mestrando Zizo sob a supervisão da Mestrando Giltemberg. O evento vai ser o 22 de Novembro, com workshops em capoeira e várias oficinas de dança cultural.

Aruandê Houston: Capoeira Vai Dando a Volta ão Mundo

Aruandê Capoeira HoustonAruandê Capoeira Houston and Mestre Demétrius have the pleasure of announcing their fall event, Capoeira Vai Dando a Volta ão Mundo. The event will be November 14th to 16th with special guests: Mestre Canguru, Mestre Panão, Mestre Virgulino, Mestrando Jamaika, Professor Fabio90, Professor Fenix, Professor Pedrinho and Estigaria Bebê. We look forward to seeing you there!


Friday, November 14th

American Martial Arts Academy
12288 Westheimer Suite 230, Houston TX 77077
Capoeira Program:
6:00pm - 6:45pm Workshop: Instrutora Bebê
6:50pm - 7:35pm Workshop: Professor Fabio 90
7:40pm - 8:25pm Workshop: Mestrando Jamaika
8:30pm - 9:00pm Roda de Rua

Night-time Entertainment Provided by Guests:
Location: 4810 Yale St., Houston, TX 77018
(Cover charge: $5)
Performance: A Visit to Brasil
Performance: The Berimbau
Performance: The Pandeiro
Performance: O Menino e Bom!
Performance: Samba de Roda

Saturday, November 15th
Capoeira Program
Fruits and snacks provided by: Aruandê Houston
Location: 4810 Yale St., Houston, TX 77018
10:00am - 10:45am Workshop: Mestre Canguru
10:50am - 11:35pm Workshop: Mestre Virgulino
11:40am - 12:25pm Workshop: Mestre Panao
12:30pm - 01:00pm Open Roda
01:00pm - 02:25pm Brazilian Lunch
02:30pm - 03:15pm African Dance Workshop: Professora Marrom

04:00pm Main Event: Capoeira Vai Dando a Volta no Mundo

Night-time Entertainment
Provided by AlexBrasil, Sabor du Sol and Aruandê Capoeira (Mestre Demétrius)
(Cover charge: $5)
10:00pm Brasilian Party