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Photos - Aruandê São Paulo

Aruande Capoeira Sao PauloWe've received new photos from Aruandê Capoeira São Paulo! The event:
Batizado and Troca de Cordas
Realization: Professor Armandinho, Professor Geninho, Monitor Maytai
Coordination: Mestrando Giltemberg

The event happened on the 26th and 27th of October, 2007.
On the 26th, there was an Open Roda at Monitor Maytai's academy.
On the 27th, the Batizado and Troca de Cordas took place at the SPAH academy.
The event included the presence of various Mestres, Professors and Graduados.

Eu Não Sou Cantador...

Eu nao so cantador.. mas posso cantar o laEu Não Sou Cantador...
Mas Posso Cantarolar!

Students from Corpus Christi, Houston and Laredo, Texas will be celebrating their 2nd Batizado and Troca de Cordas, to take place in Corpus Christi Texas, March 28th, 2008! Last year's event, 24 Horas de Capoeira was a great success, drawing students from all over Texas and included some of the best Capoeristas in the United States. The event was featured in the local newspaper and helped promote Capoeira within our surrounding community. Aruande Capoeira hopes to repeat the same this year! Special guests will be announced soon!

See last year's event in the newspaper!

This year, we will be closing down a N. Chaparral St. especially for our street roda!

Corpus Christi Students: Our Wednesday class this week (Mar 26th) has been moved to Thursday (Mar 27th) with Professor Fabio90.

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1st Annual Texas Exchange

1st Annual Texas ExchangeThank you to Mestre Demétrius and all the students and instructors that made the Texas Exchange a success! Also thanks to our sponsors, La Playa and Puerto Rico Cafe, for their help and support of Capoeira in Texas.