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image A Different Fight Open Up to Different Methods of Attack and Defense
image Culturally Rich Afro-Brazilian History, Language and Music
image Dare to Be Total Body Workout for the New You
image A Circle of Friends A Supportive Community Focused on Personal Growth

Centro CulturalAruandê Capoeira

What is Capoeira?

What is Capoeira?

A brief history of this unique martial art.

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Where Are Classes?

Locations in the USA, Brazil and Canada.

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First Class

Your First Class!

What you need for your first Capoeira Class.

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Upcoming Events

9° Festival de CapoeiraJun 17-18 2016
Campo Novo do Parecis, MT Brazil

Atravessando FronteirasJul 28-30 2016
Cuiabá, MT Brazil

Sou Capoeira Sim SinhôOct 8 2016
Santa Catarina, SC Brazil

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Our Cord System

Our cord ranking system and its meaning.


The Meaning of Aruandê

The history of a word created in Africa and transformed by the struggle of Brazilian slaves.


Aruandê Brazil gets together for some fun with friends.


See the art elements of Capoeira come together and create real change.


Capoeira is discipline, culture, bodily expression, poetry, music ... a philosophy of life.


Mestre Demétrius

President and Founder of Aruandê Capoeira

Right Here, Right Now

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